How Printed Bags Can Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors

Printed Bags

Every physical or online store is going to have some kind of carrier bags available to their customers. Whether they opt for plastic bags, reusable bags or even printed mailing bags, each unit needs to be designed with not only your customers but also your competitors in mind. Standing out from the crowd should go further than just your products and core business branding. The bags you use can have a huge impact on how your users view your brand and how well you stand out from your competitors. Here’s what you need to do to make an impression:

  1. Tell A Story With Your Branding

If your company is still relatively new, you might find it difficult to work out what story to tell. What you can do, however, is put your brand’s message through the design and make of your bags. Are you using plastic or paper? If your company focuses heavily on the environment, you can opt for biodegradable alternatives, or use cardboard boxes or paper-based mailing bags to showcase your brand as a green, or responsible one. Create graphics and fonts that align throughout your business, keeping things consistent, recognisable and in time, it’ll create a story in and of itself.

  1. Be Recognisable And Obvious

Following on closely, you’ll want to ensure that your business’ branding is not only recognisable but obvious. Unless your brand thrives on the subtlety of design, you’ll want every bag you send out into the world to be instantly recognisable as yours. Whether it’s a carrier bag from the store or the packaging used when mailing out orders online, make sure each one makes it clear what your business is and, where possible, what you do.

  1. Choose Quality

Regardless of your industry or what you sell, quality always matters. Your customers expect quality not only from your products but from every element of the business. From customer service, through to the packaging of every product, quality matters. You want to make an impression with not only design but how well-made or sturdy your bags are. If you’re selling expensive technology, your customers are going to want a high-quality, sturdy bag that will help ensure the product’s safety after they leave the store. If you were to put a tablet in a stark white, thin carrier bag, it can leave the wrong impression. Choose well-made, durable carrier bags, regardless of the material, to ensure you stand out that little bit more from your competitors.

  1. Print Offers On The Bags

Have a special offer or a sale ongoing? Print new bags that have this offer printed on them! Carrier bags are one of the easiest ways to advertise your brand. Not only will that bag be carried through a street to show off your brand’s logo and name, but acts as a form of word of mouth, which is a powerful marketing tool in and of itself. By seeing another person who’s purchased from the store, consumers are more likely to trust that it’s a good brand. If you can go one step further and offer reusable carrier bags to your existing customers, they may use this again in the future in other stores, thus spreading the brand further.

Printed bags can be a powerful tool in your marketing toolkit. From physically spreading brand awareness to helping build a sense of quality and trustworthiness around your business, having a well-made, carefully designed bag can make all the difference to your business and it’s success.

Ryker Holton
My name is Ryker Holton. The Professor and also a motivational teacher. I want to make the world a better place.

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