Top 15 Best Alternative Websites like XMovies8


Top Best Alternative Websites like XMovies8


Vidics is the greatest source for watching free TV shows and movies online and one of the best alternatives to xmoviestv. It is an ideal source for getting all information about TV shows and movies as well. You can use it to get information about movie stars as well. The services it offers are not limited or restricted to watch TV shows and movies only. You have to install DivX Player or Flash Player to watch movies online. One problem associated with this site is that the loading of movies and buffering is slow. It sometimes happens due to the high-quality print of the movies or the slow internet connection. One can search for TV shows and movies by genres and names as well. It contains two special sections, a new schedule. You can get the news of upcoming movies in the new section and get information about movies release date and TV shows timings in the schedule section.


GOMovies is a great website for watching hundreds of top-notched movies online for free. The best thing that makes it different from other movie streaming websites is that it showcases all the newly released movies also. The service might be not legal in your region as law and rules may vary from place to place. In case you want to watch the newly released movies then GOMovies is the right place for the purpose. It will charge nothing from you and it will allow you to watch as many movies as you wish and all are free of cost. However, there is an issue with newly released movies and that is the low-quality print of the content at GOMovies. If you can compromise on the quality then GOMovies is the best place to watch movies online for free. There is one drawback of this site is that it provides the advertisement-supported services to its users.


Movie2k is a movie streaming site that offers you to watch HD format movies in full length. It is one of the finest alternatives to Movie2k and it offers many new tools and features that make it the finest streaming website. At this site, you can easily watch and discover a full-length movie without any ad irritation. It has a huge collection of the world’s modern and classic movies and you can watch anyone without any limitation. It features various options to find your desired movies for instance genres and categories, sort movies by country name and year, a top movie section, advanced search bar where you only have to place the name of movie or tag. Unlike most of the leading movie streaming sites, it allows you to put a request if your desired movie is unavailable. This feature makes it a great platform for every movie streamer. It includes core features like a massive collection of TV shows, feature titles, A-Z list, great recommendations, different quality movies, put requests, and much more.


Megashare is another alternative website to X Movies 8 that is a movie streaming site to browse, stream and download movies in HD format without any cost. The site is similar to but it offers many new features and an attractive interface that make it an enjoyable and interesting movie streaming website. It supports all languages and one can access it anytime anywhere all over the world. It allows you to place a request to watch your desired stuff. It requires registration to watch movies online but if you want to place a request, you need to subscribe with the email address. When your request is complete, you can watch your movie. It includes prominent features like sort movies by country, genre, actors or years, news about newly released movies, easy to understand interface, detailed description of all movies, and a lot more.


If you are searching for a website through which you can watch your desired stuff without any registration then Flixtor is the right choice for the purpose. It allows you to watch movies for free. The site offers HD format movies only. It does not contain movies in its own database but it provides streaming links for the movies. Most of the time, when the user will try to open any link, he/she will be redirected to other websites to watch that particular movie. The special feature of Flixtor is that it stores content in HD quality only. Its interface is quite simple and it has a search bar at the main section to search the desired stuff by placing the name rather than searching all the categories. You can also search movies by using other available options too such as top movies, newly released, and a lot more. Rating of the site is quite good and its database is large as well. But newly released movies appear on the website after some time.


Gostream is a streaming, searching, and downloading website that features a large number of TV shows and movies. Gostream is the best source of watching classics to newly released movies over the internet. It provides its viewers the links of top quality and top-rated movies over the internet. Its interface is understandable and smart. Its main interface is like Google search engine. The website is divided into two main sections, one is the list of categories and the other is search system in the middle of the site. There are options in the category section as TV shows, movies, recently added, latest HD, featured, popular, latest TV shows, release year and genres. You can also add a movie as a suggestion. There is a search option at the center of the site where you are required to give the name of the movie as you give in the Google search bar and you will get the links to all the websites containing that particular movie. It does not upload or host the movies rather it gives the links to those websites that contain that stuff for online streaming.


MovieWatcher is the website for watching HD movies especially for free online. It charges nothing for watching and downloading movies and even it allows its users to download movies limitlessly without any registration process at all. You will find the best movies only on the website. It not only allows users streaming directly at its portal but also provides them with streaming locations as well over the internet. It also relies on the external video sharing sites and gathers them at its own centralized place from where the users can stream, watch, and download in HD format for free. Its interface is user-friendly and very easy for the users to search the movie by actor, genre, rating, release year, or name. The best of all is that this service is not restricted to the pc only rather you can access its services from other devices as well.


SeeHD offers high-quality movies only, just like its name. It is a great medium to watch movies with the best qualities. It is having the links of legal movies only that it collects from the leading movie streaming websites. It also warns its users for any inconvenience in case of harmful links although the service makes sure there are no harmful or inactive links on it. When we talk about its database then it is having one of the largest movie databases over the internet. It provides hdmovies8 free to stream, download, and share with others. Its interface is quite simple except some of the annoying ads that always remain visible on the top page of the website. The list of options is limited, having only three options like movies, TV shows, and release date. There is a search bar for the convenience of the users from where you can find the movies by only placing the name of the movie.


Movie4u is a web-based platform for watching movies and TV shows online for free. You can browse the latest movies and TV shows in HD format without any charges. Each and everything on the Movie4u is for free. Viewers are allowed to watch and download as many movies as they want. The website does not contain any spams or hacking practices at all and there is now malicious stuff as well. It does not contain any annoying ads on it. All of its features altogether make it one of the best options to watch unlimited movies without spending money. But sometimes it may ask to create an account first for downloading special movies. It provides little information along with the description of the movie too. It is the best platform to watch movies with the selection of available prints.


Niter is the movie providing a platform over the internet. It allows you to watch and download as much as you can. You need to press the Watch Now button after finding your desired movie. It does not contain too many movies on its database. However, it is still the best platform for getting something rather than nothing. The best feature that makes Niter better than other movies streaming websites is that it also offers you the movies that are published on its platform as well. It charges nothing for this service. Its self-publishing feature allows all the registered users to display, store, and upload various types of videos on this platform. However, users have to take care that the movie is not violating copyright before it gets published. The interface of Niter is quite understandable and smart. It contains a slider displaying newly added movies. The site has various options to find movies. You can move to the TV series, movies, searching by genres, by release year as well.


Zmovies is a website dedicated to watching movies online for free without interruption. You can download movies to save them permanently and watch later in offline mode. It is one of the huge databases for movies over the internet. Zmovies allows you to watch and download movies without limitation. There is no short clip or video system at this platform. It provides full-length HD format content. Like other movies streaming websites, Zmovies doesn’t host any video or audio files on its database rather it provides the links to other websites that contain those files. The website also warns its user to open any link at his/her own risk. But it tries its best to provide the accurate and active links of the required content. Its interface is quite easy and smart. The movies are arranged in different sections such as release year, genres, and quality. It also features an advanced search bar to find your desired movie by only placing the name of that movie in the search bar.


Prmovies is a web-based application to watch and download movies and TV shows for free. It contains all the content in full-length HD format. It is an alternative website to 123movies and offers the same tools as it but with Movies some new features so that you can enjoy the better streaming experience. Its interface is simply dark in order to deliver a cinema-like experience. The website has a massive collection of best movies and contains different genres like Action, Sic-Fi, Adventure, Romance, War, and Superhero, etc. All the genres have their own TV shows and movies and they are updated on a daily basis in order to deliver all the latest stuff. The website offers you various top bar sections like Latest Movies to provide you with newly released movies, Hot Movies to provide you with all the trending stuff, and Top IMDb section to provide you with top-rated movies. There is a request section also that gives you the opportunity to place a request for your favorite movie if it is unavailable. It includes core features like Sports movies, A-Z list, movies by the name of actors, by year, simply dark interface, IMDb rating, recommendation, movies description and a lot more.


If you are in search of a website to watch and download TV shows and movies for free then YesMovies is the right place for the purpose. You can get the opportunity here to find thousands of movies and TV shows, and documentaries online for free. The website also has a large collection of TV series as well. One can say that YesMovies is the perfect place to watch or download your favorite movie for free. This service might be illegal in your area of residence as law rules may vary from place to place. It does not contain movies on its own database rather the content on the website is being provided by third-party servers. It is the site that does not only provide Hollywood movies rather it also provides movies from Asia, India, France, and Hong Kong, etc. The movies available on the website are divided into three categories such as adventure, animation, action, history, horror, romance, fantasy, Sci-Fi, crime, mystery, and a lot more. It also offers a request option for your favorite movie and it will be uploaded soon.

OpenLoad Movies

OpenLoad Movies contains all kinds of movies for you. The site arranged the movies database in a proper way so that the users can enjoy their favorite stuff without any hassle and explore its movie database. The best feature of the site is that it gives you various options for streaming your favorite movies. Its online portal can be accessed from any platform such as smartphone, tablet, and desktop. You can share the movies with others as well. The best feature of the site is that it always offers full-length, uncut, and unedited movies. In addition, movies are free from any type of interruption such as annoying ads, etc. the website has arranged movies into different categories like action, adventure, drama, horror, fighting, comedy, thriller, mystery, martial arts, musical, etc.


PrimeWire is a fine website for streaming movies online for free. The website offers an index of movies from video-hosting websites and allows you to watch them free of cost. Like other movie streaming websites, it also offers you to browse the categories, lists of movies that are filterable to watch movies online. On the website, you can create an account and get access to more features such as comments and voting that make the website more interesting. Through its voting feature, you can easily find more enjoyable stuff to watch. The site also offers the scheduling section where you can get all the upcoming movies. It includes core features like free for everyone, recommendation, unlimited result, contains movies in different quality, places comments, simple interface, and voting.


XMovies8 com is one of the best movie streaming websites that contains thousands of HD quality movies to watch online for free. But there are many efficient alternative websites like XMovies8 available in the market that perform just like All these sites are best picks for you to watch your favorite movies online without interruption. These substitute websites fulfill all your needs. And these are equally qualified websites so pick one of them and enjoy your favorite stuff.

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