Why Organizations Need to Invest in Employee Training and Development


There’s a reason that the term “Training” has evolved into “Training and Development.” Training provides a great opportunity for employees to expand their knowledge base, which leads to their development. Training employees helps them polish their existing skills as well as learn new ones. Many organizations treat the training and development of their employees as an expense rather than an investment.

Training sessions tend to be expensive. In addition to this, employees miss out on the work while attending training sessions, which is why it is more costly for the organization. However, apart from these two drawbacks that can most definitely be compensated, training and development have a whole lot of benefits for the organizations.

While some organizations offer internal training sessions to the employees, others host external training sessions for them. Not all companies are big enough to have internal training departments. An easy way to train employees is through platforms such as Janison. Employees can conveniently learn new skills through online learning platforms.

Here’s why organizations need to invest in employee training and development:

Improved Employee Performance

Through training and development sessions, employees learn new skills and techniques alongside gaining new knowledge. An employee who has received the required training performs better at their job as training gives them a better understanding of their responsibilities. Training also builds their confidence and makes them more competent. Employees will work more efficiently or they will work more smartly to get more work accomplished. Either way, training improves overall employee performance.

Increased Employee Loyalty

While the company might view employee training and development as an expense, the employees view it as an organization’s investment in them. This makes the employees feel more valued and appreciated by the organization. It also makes employees more loyal to the company. Employee loyalty improves employee productivity, which encourages employees to stay longer with the organization.

Decreased Employee Turnover

High employee turnover can be deadly for an organization. Every company has a certain turnover rate that is considered healthy, but when that begins increasing, it might want to reevaluate its policies. A high turnover rate affects not only the company’s reputation but also its financial position. Providing training sessions to employees will make them feel valued, hence reducing the turnover rate. Therefore, employee training and development might seem like an expense at the time, but in the long run, it helps counter other larger expenses.

Shapes the Future

Your employees are the present and future of your organization. They can make or break a company. As employees learn new skills, they not only develop professionally but also personally. They set new goals and objectives and try to achieve more. The training should be in line with the current industry trends as the training curriculum should remain updated. If employee training and development is planned and implemented effectively, then the advantages the organization can stand to gain in the future are innumerable.

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