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Finding a Residential Garage Door Specialist

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What to Look for In Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair is an unavoidable side effect of owning a garage door. Yes, it can be costly, but it is even worse if the work is neglected. However, when choosing a service to repair a garage door one should always use caution. A bad specialist service can make the situation worse and leave homeowners with a much bigger headache. Luckily, the bad apples in the garage door market are easy to spot. Here are the main things one should look for.

Ratings and Reviews

Reputation always speaks volumes. This is why the internet should be the first information source a homeowner utilizes. A quick web search can tell a person everything they need to know about a residential garage door repair service. If the reviews are positive and the ratings are high than the specialist can be trusted. However, if the company is drowning in a sea of dissatisfied customers and bad ratings they should be avoided. Disgruntled consumers always rant and happy customers always rave. So follow the ravers and find companies with a positive digital footprint.

Licensing and Insurance

A clear warning sign is a lack of proper credentials. Residential garage door repair is not something anyone with a wrench can perform. Repair service has to be qualified through a few sources. They have to be licensed to legally operate, specialists often have to be accredited, and they also have to have proper insurance. Insurance protects not only staff but the homeowner as well in the event of an accident. Legit repair services will display their credentials for the world to see. Substandard companies will make the hard to find because, in reality, they do not have them.


The longer a repair service has been open the more reliable they are. This does not just speak to overall performance but satisfaction. Bad services do not stay open long. Especially in the digital age. If a company has been around for years it has earned that prolonged existence through satisfactory work. So a homeowner can expect the same treatment. The specialists have already made mistakes and learned from them, and the service they offer will never disappoint. A new service is too unknown. They are still working out kinks and have not been around long enough to generate bad reviews.


Price is the last vetting factor for residential garage door repair. Choosing three or four reliable companies and comparison shopping is a good tactic for hiring any service. It is also a good way to further vet the repair services as well. It is important not to go with the lowest price automatically. Often times the lowest price is related to the quality of the service. Higher quotes may be higher because they contain additional services. This should not be ignored but explored. So always look into every quote and find out why the price is high or low.

Additionally, be wary of any service that quotes you right away. If a service offers a price without looking at a unit that is a warning sign. Garage door openers are complex little machines and any problem could be related to a lot of factors. Services interested in money will attempt to hook consumers right away, but good services will offer a price after an inspection. They will base the price on what a homeowner actually needs. Also, be wary of services that try to upsell. The main goal of any garage door repair should be solving the problem not padding the price.

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