What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Bakery?


If you dream of owning your own confectionary shop, then you’ve probably spent hours thinking of all the sweet treats and delectable desserts you could sell. This is the fun part of the job! There are a few other things you need consider, though, if you’re serious about starting your own bakery. Namely, the equipment. Baking requires some specific equipment that you’ll need to plan to purchase so your new business can run smoothly.

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After you bake all those tasty treats, you’ll need a way to display them for customers. You’ll need to find the right types of food display cases to match your products and how often you plan to change them out. For example, if you’re selling cakes and other desserts that need to stay cold, a refrigerated cake display case with a glass front is a good call. If you’re focusing more on baked goods that can sit out on a counter, then cases with plexiglass fronts and back doors might work best.


Some of the ingredients you need in bakery will have to stay cooled or frozen, so investing in industrial refrigerators and freezers can be a good idea. You could get one installed in the wall or work with a smaller style that includes a work top. Determine the right size for your refrigeration needs based on how much backstock you plan to carry and how much product you’ll need to preserve.

Kitchen Items

You’ll also need to consider kitchen items like large mixers, an oven, a proofer and mixing bowls and utensils. The size and type of oven will vary based on your needs and what products you choose to specialize in.

Opening a bakery can be fun, but you want to make sure you have the right equipment so you’re prepared to accomplish your goals.

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