Businesses That Can Embrace the Use of Laminated Postcard Mailers


Laminated postcard mailers are a great way to create a more professional-looking promotional piece than the standard paper flyer. These cards, when made properly, will last longer and help you connect with your customer on a different level that is not possible with other promotional items. The business types listed below can benefit from this type of marketing through direct mail or through an add on service which helps print, laminate, and ship these custom postcards directly within one week:

Home Improvement Businesses

A postcard is a great way for a home improvement company to build its brand and get more clients into the door. This can be anything from a remodeling job to landscaping or even a new deck installation. One of the best strategies for this type of business is offering an estimate on an exterior or interior project you regularly conduct in your area. When designing this card, it includes all the information needed, from phone numbers to emails, so they can leave their information and receive your custom quote right away.

Plumbers/Plumbing Company

A postcard is a great way for plumbers or plumbing companies to build their brand online. A good idea for this type of business is by offering something like an emergency services package where you drive out to anyone who is having an issue with the water flow in their home, apartment, offices, etc.


laminated mailer is a great way for restaurants or cafes to drive more customers into their establishment. This can be anything from offering the best breakfast on the block to having an all-day happy hour which includes half-price wines on Mondays. When designing this card, make sure it has all the essential information like phone numbers and email addresses so they can contact you right away. You also want to include other services like catering, deliveries, or even online ordering capabilities.

Laminated postcards are a great way to expand your business. These types of mailers can be used as unique marketing tools for several different businesses, especially businesses that deal with the public, so if you have a business in one of these areas, then it might be worth considering this option for your business.

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