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As kids, most of us were told so many weird things by our parents that looking back it can seem funny or even amusing. Most of it was aimed at inculcating good habits within us or helping us develop our personality. It is therefore not right to term them as “lies”, but they were not true either! Reviews believes that even if our parents lie to us, we should understand that they always want our best.

The Lies

Here are some lies that most of our parents told us when we were kids:

  1. Watching too much television will harm your eyesight – Just because parents do not wish their kids to remain glued to the television, they have come up with this simple threat that watching TV for long hours will harm the eyesight. The TV is for random entertainment and not for continuous relaxation. Sitting for long hours in front of the television can gradually result in an addiction. So, to keep the children away from it, parents have constructed this lie.
  2. Using imaginary character – Most of us will relate to it as every parent tries to frighten their kids into proper behavior by making up stories of monsters or goblins that would punish the kids for things not done properly. Likewise, there would be ‘rewards’ from ‘fairies’ or Santa. There are also imaginary stories about characters who would inspire the kids to be like them.
  3. Eating your food well – Parents often tell the kids that if they didn’t eat properly or finish their meals, they wouldn’t be healthy or wise. In doing so, they often tend to overfeed the child leading to worsening their health. Eating is important but parents should indicate the habit of a balanced diet instead of a full stomach.
  4. Exaggerating their own personalities – Parents try to build a good impression on their kids by citing instances of their stories as a child where they would always be a model one. This is just to motivate the kids to make them the best. But if you ask your grandparents about your parents, they would tell you how much trouble they were in their growing years. Fat big lies are said by all parents in an attempt to inculcate good habits in their children.
  5. Choosing profession – Parents often tell their children that they encourage their beliefs in choosing their profession. In reality, it might not be the same. Somehow, they discourage you to be what you want, if they feel it is not good enough. It becomes a kind of unspoken rule to follow your parent’s directions even though they claim to have given you a free hand to decide on your profession.

Conclusion Reviews believe that when most of us look back at our childhood days and our relationship with our parents, there is almost always a feeling of joy and love. The so-called lies that they might have made for you were for your own good and not much in their vested interest. Now, some of you might be able to relate to them as parents too!

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