Ways to Improve Your Next Staff Meeting

Improve Your Next Staff Meeting

It’s always important to “gather the troops” and get your entire staff together from time to time. For great companies, staff meetings are something that people look forward to as a break from everyday routines and a chance to mingle with coworkers they may not see every day. Unfortunately, some businesses see them as a necessary evil and fail to put thought or effort into them. This can fill their workers with dread when they see them pop up on their calendars. Here are some easy ways to spice up your staff meetings and keep employees engaged!

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Better Food

It’s typical to have coffee and snacks on hand for large company gatherings. It would be so easy to go to the next step and hire a sandwich caterer Hollywood Fl to give people a delicious lunch to look forward to as part of the proceedings. Food is a universal incentive and natural social tool to get people to gather and converse. Buy your team lunch before, during, or after your meeting for great results. Just be sure to offer special accommodations for diets, allergies, and religious considerations.

Visual Aides

Show-don’t tell. If you want to communicate success stories to your team, don’t just read off numbers and figures. Take the time to build a simple graph or illustration in a Power Point presentation and show them! This is an effective way to show goals and strategies. Just keep them simple and uncluttered and they will stick in your team’s memories.


Good staff meetings incorporate professional development. Great staff meetings do so without the employees realizing it’s even happening. The trick to this is to bring in an engaging guest speaker or expert to share their experiences and help teach a skill.

It’s rare to have time with your entire company’s employees. Don’t waste it! Use these tips to get the most out of staff meetings.

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