Foals For Fashion: Stylish Stable Rugs For Your Horse

Foals For Fashion

Rugs help protect from various kinds of harsh weather conditions and keep the horse more comfortable. Buying the best rug for a horse is quite crucial as it helps it to be healthy. Nowadays, horse owners buy rugs to keep in mind that they help the horse maintain average body temperature and look fashionable.

So, let us discuss the stylish, stable rugs that will guard your horse in different weather conditions and add fashion or style to your horse’s look.

Now, you need to understand that stable rugs are designed only for indoor use. So, stable rugs are not waterproof. This type of rug is very beneficial in keeping the horse cosy comfortable.

Material of the Horse Rug

If you are wondering which type of material is used in such kinds of rugs, note that they are made up of cushioned synthetic materials. It is worth mentioning here that stable rugs are obtainable in a variety of thicknesses. One of the best features of these rugs is that they are permeable so that the sweat can be evaporated.

Comfort of your Horse is Important

If you want to make your horse feel more comfortable and movable, you can buy horse rugs that feature folds or creases in the shoulders. Usually, stable rugs do not come with a neck cover. If you want stable rugs with a joined neck cover, you can go for combo durable rugs.

We recommend using heavy or thick stable rugs for the horses that are stabled at night. These will ensure that your horse gets that additional warmth and comfort during the night when it is quite colder than the daytime. On the other hand, you should use relatively lighter rugs for the horses that are stabled during the day.

When you choose a stable rug for your horse, make sure that it is not very rigid as it may lead to discomfort to your horse near the chest area. Also, selecting the stable rug, which is of adequate length, is quite critical so that it covers the horse’s body sufficiently, especially the tummy portion.

If the climate is very cold, then you can use an under- rug so as to ensure that your horse does not fall ill during the extreme cold weather.

In the end, it is advisable to do comprehensive research to select the right horse rug based on your needs & expectations.

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