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4 Tips for a Smooth Move


The real estate industry is experiencing a seller’s market, and if you have your home listed on the market, you probably won’t be waiting long before an offer comes through. With high demand and low inventory, you might find your house under contract and handed a 30-day window to packed and loaded up. Though it is a bit of pressure, here are some ways to make your move go much easier.

Create a Plan

Keep your moving strategy organized and on a schedule in an effort to reduce chaos. Plan to do a room at a time, and make sure you have all the supplies you need to get started. While you may initially only need moving boxes, markers, and packing tape, down the road you will need moving dollies with suspension casters, bubble wrap, and furniture blankets. Start to gather all your supplies for an orderly packing process.

Weed Through the Items

Before you spend time and money packing up everything and paying for storage, go through your closet, drawers, attic, and basement. Give everything you own a long, hard look and decide on what you need. Anything else that is junk or useless, consider donating it or having a yard sale for some extra cash.

Watch Your Electronics

When you start packing items, watch what you do with all your electronics. For small devices, pack up all cords and remotes and put them in a Ziplock bag. Label the bag and tape it the device it belongs too. Try to pack devices in original packaging for the best protection.

Prioritize Must-Have Items

In your final days of packing, label your must-have boxes or items with an “open first” note. Have these packed at the very last moment, so they are first off the moving truck or out of the storage unit.

Packing up a house will get stressful, especially when you are under a time crunch. Staying organized can help make your process go more smoothly.

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