3 Ways to Shake up the Routine with Your Partner


Are you feeling like you haven’t had a good conversation with your partner in weeks even though you see each other every day? Before you worry about the state of your relationship, take a careful look at your everyday lives. It can be difficult to spend time together if you both have busy schedules. Here are three ways you can break up the routine and reconnect with your partner.

Romantic Weekend

Whether you’re exhausted from grad school or long hours at work, the pressures of everyday life can make it difficult to spend quality time together. Removing yourselves from your normal environment and stealing away for a romantic getaway St. Augustine FL is the perfect way to focus on each other. Book a sweet little bed and breakfast and spend the weekend walking on the beach and exploring the town.

Build Something

If you’ve ever put together a piece of furniture together with your partner, you may be balking at the very thought. Skip the complex directions and see if your city has a woodworking club or maker space. Take a class on how to make a box or cutting board from scratch or see if the club offers private lessons. You’ll love looking at your new bookshelf or table and knowing that the two of you made it together.

Go on an Adventure

If there’s something you and your significant other think sounds fun and maybe just a bit scary, now is the time to try it. Get the blood pumping with a rock-climbing class or zip-lining tour. You’ll make a new memory and just might find a new hobby.

If you are feeling stuck in a rut with your loved one, trying something new or getting away for the weekend might be just what you need. There are endless things the two of you can do together. Get creative and start checking these things off of your list.

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