Warehouse Structures: Smart Spacing Strategies For Your Business

Warehouse Structures

Warehouses are one of the most expensive and crucial parts of a business. Not only do they operate on a massive level, but the things stored inside them, such as machinery and heavy equipment, can amount to a major sum of money. That is exactly why you need to make sure that you are utilizing the space of your warehouse properly.

Because if you aren’t doing so, it might result in a potential loss of your company due to inefficiency. Likewise, using space efficiently can result in a potential boost to the organization’s revenue. Following are some tips on how to make the most of your warehouse space:

Know your warehouse

The first thing that you should do is understand what your warehouse is and how it stores products for your company. You need to completely understand the current layout of your warehouse which includes rack configuration, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, packing, and shipping. Also make sure that you have enough space for products that you might need for one of the upcoming festivities, such as Christmas or Halloween.

Vertical utilization

One of the quickest ways to get a lot of spacing in your warehouse is by using vertical storage. You need to look up and see whether you are using that space properly or not. Usually, new buildings have a fire suppression sprinkler system. You are allowed to store inventory within 18 inches of that area.

This will not only help you in saving some space in your warehouse but also tell you whether you are using too much floor space or not. If even after storing everything properly, you have a lot of ground space, then chances are you are paying an excessive amount on a warehouse which you do not need.

Inefficient inventory

Sometimes, regardless of the fact that your business is running strong, a warehouse can suffer slow operations due to an excessive amount of stock and the slow pace of the moving of the inventory. Storing products where they do not belong, such as the aisles, the docks, or inappropriate spaces can cause your warehouse operations to cease. It becomes a roadblock to those operations. That is why you need to keep everything organized and not a single product out of place.

The width and layout of aisles

Another one of the most important things when creating space in your warehouse is the width of the aisle. Wide isles are preferred by a lot of people because one can easily move through them. Furthermore, forklifts can also move through them without any problem.

If you have a warehouse that is too narrow for a person to move, let alone a forklift, then redesigning it sounds like the best idea. Of course, it is an investment. But when you will be able to handle products more efficiently due to that space, that investment would seem worth it.

Install mezzanine shelving

One of the most efficient ways of adding more vertical space is installing mezzanine shelving. There are a lot of organizations that do that for you, such as the AW structures. It can be installed above a floor-level process, such as the shipping or the receiving area. It can nearly double your floor space.

Since mezzanine shelving adds a second floor of storage, one can create spaces for small pieces of inventory such as broken cases, damaged products, and loose inventory items. Moreover, it can also be used for smaller functions such as packaging and shipping- all the while leaving a lot of space for heavy and large products on the floor below.

Simplicity is the key

Lastly, if you have to choose between a simple and a complex structural plan of your warehouse, go for the simple one. An example would be instead of adding pallet rackets horizontally, consider adding them vertically.




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