Various types of acne and its treatment


Acne is a skin condition in which spots and pimples appear on the skin. It becomes the most common problem among teenagers. It commonly occurs during puberty but although it can occur at any age.It is not risky but it can leave scars on the skin.It mainly appears on face, shoulders, back, neck and upper arms. To remove the pimples that appear on face during acne problem, people use pimple marks removal soaps, creams, face washes, etc. No scars provide all these products at reasonable prices.

Now we are going to discuss some types of acne. There are many types of acne which are explainedbelow-

  • Whiteheads- Whiteheads are looking like a bump coming out of the skin. The top of the pore is closed in this case.
  • Blackheads- They appear like a black spot from the surface. In this case, the top of the pore remains open although the rest of pore is clogged.
  • Papules- Papules are formed when the walls surrounding the pore are broken down due to severe inflammation. This papule is hard and tender to touch. The skin around the papule usually becomes pink.
  • Pustules- Pustules are formed when the walls around the pores are broken down. These are filled with pus. The pustules are bumped out from the skin and are usually red. They have yellow or white coloured heads on top.
  • Nodules- Nodules are formed when further irritation occurs in clogged and swollen pores. These are deep within the skin so it becomes difficult to treat them at home. So, it is necessary to take the medical prescription in case of nodules.
  • Cysts- These are red or white bumps and are painful to touch. This Is the largest form of acne and is most likely to form a scar.

All these above given are some types of acne. They can make scars. Here we are going to discuss some treatments of acne depending upon how severe it is. Some of them are as follows-

  • For mild acne- Mild acne can be treated by applying gels, soaps, creams and lotions. Creams and lotions are the best for mild acne. Alcohol-based gels are good for oily skin.
  • For moderate to severe acne- For the treatment of more severe acne, one should consult a skin specialist. There are some treatments used for treating severe acne which includes corticosteroid injection, oral antibiotics, oral contraceptives (for suppressing acne in women), Topical antibiotics, etc.

These treatments can be used to treat acne. Although if they are not severe then we can treat them at home. After the removal of acne, scars appear on the skin which doesn’t look good. So, to treat scars, people use many creams and face soaps. To remove acne scars, you can use acne scars removal soap provided by No scars. No scars is the most trusted brand. Some other products provided by No scars are no scars cream and no scars face wash. All these products contain natural ingredients which naturally repairs the skin and make it flawless and beautiful.

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