Things to Bring During Your Whale Watching Tour

Bring During Your Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching is an exhilarating and amazing experience. Seeing the gentle and magnificent mammals firsthand is interesting: You experience the whale propelling the body out of the water. Before making reservations:

  1. Research about the whale watching firm.
  2. Check out the website of the firm to see what is provided.
  3. Find one that has a marine naturalist or biologist to provide you with details about the whales. The specialists also answer any questions you may be having.

Below are some clothing tips to observe when dressing up for whale watching:


It is advisable to wear your clothes during your whale sighting tour. It is better you overdress rather than underdress you can always take a layer off if you feel too warm. If you do not bring the clothes, you cannot put them on. Pack some long pants, a sweatshirt, a shirt, and a waterproof jacket in case of ocean spray.


Wear closed shoes, also referred to as athletic shoes, and tennis that has good traction. It is not recommended to put on flip flops or to wear open-toe shoes.


It is always a good idea to have hats. The ideal hat is wide brimmed, like a safari hat or baseball cap. Ensure that the hat fits snug to avoid blowing off.


Regardless of the time of the year, you go out for whale watching. It is recommended to have some sunscreen before getting onto the boat and take it with you to reapply as required. Whale-watching tours may expose you to sunrays that may affect your appearance.


Ensure that you have sunglasses attached to you through a suitable chord to avoid falling off into the water.


 It is essential to have binoculars during whale watching for improved viewing.

Camera and film

Ensure that the battery in your camera should be fully charged: pack a spare battery in case you have one. Take with you an extra memory card or film. It is advisable to have your camera in a plastic bag to prevent the camera from ocean spray.

 A single-use camera is ideal compared to an expensive camera: it can capture great shots in the place of an expensive camera that can cost you a lot of money to repair or replace.

Pen and notebook

Takedown notes about the kind of sea life you wish to use. You may note down any marks that identify the whales. The messages may be a good reference point the next time you see the whale.

What to expect from the first whale watching experience

The thrill behind whale watching is an experience that is impossible to duplicate. The whales may be at a far distance or swimming alongside the boat you are riding on; whale watching is an electrifying thrill, especially the first time.

Find a company with a high success rate. A great day during a whale sighting is the first step to going for a company that reports a high success rate.

  • Avoid expecting  whale sightings at a close distance. It should be the choice of the whale to come closer to your boat: tour operators avoid following the whales directly behind or being right ahead of the magnificent mammal.
  • Do some research on the whales to have a better experience. Take some time to read about the creatures. Learn more to enhance your fun and enjoyment as you watch the whales breathe, dive, do a whale handstand, or do other feats in the list of activities.

Ensure you understand the company’s policy on sightings. Some firms provide a money-back guarantee, while some provide rainchecks if there are no whales, while others do not offer anything. It is advisable to be informed before going out.

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