The History of Deep Ellum Bars

deep ellum bars

Deep Ellum Texas, established in 1873, originally was pronounced Deep Elm but with the southern accent it would more often than not be pronounced Ellum and so it was made the official name of the small community, since then it has grown into something so much more than anyone could ever have imagined.

Deep Ellum is known for being one of the first commercial neighborhoods that welcomed African-Americans and European immigrants in Texas, just west of downtown Dallas, after the Civil War and it only grew in popularity for various more reasons, one of which being music. It quickly became a hot spot for a lot of Jazz musicians and Blues artists and even hosted some very high tier musicians like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson, Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter, Texas Bill Day, and even more.

Another thing Deep Ellum is known for is Art. You can find a lot of galleries and street murals around the neighborhood, some restaurants, and Music venues even commission local artists to do something for them, it not only gives the community an outlet for creativity but it also expresses a lot of individuality and gives the neighborhood a unique flair at every turn.

It’s no secret that Deep Ellum has an interesting and colorful past, there are not many places that hold such historic moments and that gives Deep Ellum a lot of its unique flair. There is truly so much to do and see here that I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tell you about the nightlife but I will try my absolute best to sum it up as truthfully as I can and have it live up to the way this community would want it to.

As of Today Deep Ellum is home to over 30 music venues despite only being a few miles long, it may be packed in very tightly but you won’t find yourself unsure of where to go unless you can’t decide which music venue to go to that night. Popular venues include the Bomb Factory, Adair’s Saloon, Trees and Club Dada and more. You can also find a ton of unique restaurants and bars to spend your time hanging out with friends or going out on dates.

Speaking of unique flair, let’s talk about the Deep Ellum Bars you can find. HIDE is a bar located in Deep Ellum that offers you a unique bar experience, it’s literally their slogan. They believe that if you aren’t doing things in a unique or different way then you are not living up to the true history of Deep Ellum.

To make their drinks they make sure to use only the highest of quality products and they make sure to mix them and prepare them in ways no one has ever thought of doing before. And don’t worry, their food is prepared and cooked the same way. HIDE is truly a unique place, they live up to Deep Ellum’s reputation and if you ever find yourself there you should definitely check them out for some great, high quality, fresh food and drinks.

To sum it all up, if you are looking for somewhere that can offer you, and deliver, to say the least, a unique experience that you will not get anywhere else in Texas, check out Deep Ellum. You won’t regret it and you will leave with so many memories to keep and stories to tell that will last a lifetime.

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