Reasons You Should Consider Installing a Sink Made of Copper

Sink Made of Copper

One of the reasons why people prefer copper bathtubs and sinks is simply because of their appearance. However, there are many other reasons why homeowners prefer installing any copper sinks when designing their bath or kitchen. These reasons might also change your mind on why you should opt for a sink made of copper.


Copper tubs and sinks are antimicrobial, meaning that they rarely get stained. Of course, studies have shown sinks and tubs are the dirtiest spot in the kitchen and bathroom respectively, but the sinks are designed to make bacteria die off as quickly as possible. Though it a homeowner might have to clean their sink, a sink made of copper seems safer than porcelain or stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel sinks wears out quickly while porcelain sinks can scratch and crack within a few months.

No Corrosion or Rust

Rust and corrosion is common with many sink materials, but a sink made of copper rarely cracks or rusts, so these are problems that a homeowner is unlikely to face. Any wear and tear on a sink made of copper can add to the ambiance of its overall design and make it look natural. Though copper tubs and sinks might seem delicate, they are durable and strong.

Strong and Durable

Dropping a pot into a sink made of ceramic can cause cracks and scratches, but these sinks don’t get damaged without scratching or denting. Though copper is quite tough, sinks made of fine copper have a patina finish that scrub brushes, chemicals, and harsh cleaners can erase or damage. However, experts recommend the use of a soft sponge and mild dish soap for cleaning, rinsing, and drying copper tubs and sinks instead of harsh chemicals.

A Variety of Designs

Another reason to consider purchasing a sink made of copper is availability of plenty of designs. Though there are many porcelain, ceramic, and stainless tubs and sinks on the market, most of them tend to be pedestrian in design. With a sink made of copper, a homeowner can opt for a sink with a hammered or smooth finish or ornate designs. You can customize copper to fit any space or size, and copper specialists can help homeowners create unique custom designs for their needs and preferences.


The appearance and color of the sinks make them more attractive than ceramic, steel, and porcelain sinks. Their elegance can boost the appearance of a kitchen and can make a room feel more relaxing and warmer than before. You can heighten the effects of the sinks, especially when fitted in a kitchen or bathroom.


Compared to other sinks, a sink made of copper tends to fit the kitchen cabinet and counter well. Users of these sinks can also rest their hands on its protruding part when washing utensils or doing any other house chore. Unlike other sinks, users of the sinks don’t have to bend over; thus, reducing their chances of straining their back.

Sinks made with copper has become popular due to their durability, aesthetics, and functionality. These are the reasons the sinks have made a comeback even though they’re an older generation. Investing in a sink or tub made of copper is worth the effort and cost as it adds value to a home.

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