Nicaragua Travel Guide For Tourists

Nicaragua Travel Guide For Tourists

Nicaragua and this is a famous destination of the Central America. This country has destructive earthquakes and therefore, it is a spot for the tourists. As well as, it is special and beautiful country. It is a much better accommodation to stay but before the price of that destination goes at skyrocket. For tourists’ people, this is so best to spent time there. So many tourists from the different countries come at this tourist destination for travel. The people of this country become so warm and welcome the tourists.

Typical costs

For providing better accommodation, this Nicaragua vacation provides hostels. You can get double room at cost of $17 USD for single night. Along with this tourists can attain Dorm rooms and the cost is around $5-12 dollar. Special facility is lodgings and these are available on destination of Nicaragua. For small group, tourists can receive hotel at cost of $19-24 dollar for per night. Along with this Hammock is also rented by the tourist at different places on cost of $4.50 Dollar for the night.


On the streets you will get the facility to eat food and you can eat anything from street in less than $2 Dollar for each food. You will also attain restaurant and you will have to give $3-5 Dollar for each meal. While eating meal, you will receive special dishes. One famous meal is rice and beans and this is a staple dish. In western foods you will attain junk food like burgers. As well as, you will also get salads along with the burger and cost is $6.50 to 10 Dollar for each food. The best local meal of this country is Vigoron. Most tourists prefer to eat this special kind of local meal because this is so delicious.


Transportation facility of this special country is fantastic. To stay on this destination is fantastic because you will get the buses that are excellent and this is so affordable and you can get on cost of 0.20 Dollar. You should be aware because on the bus you can face so many crowds and therefore you might face pick pockets. As well as, you will receive Taxi and the cost for taxi is 0.75 to 1.75 Dollars for each person. For tourists, a special facility of intercity bus is available and this bus stops only on tourist destinations where you prefer to stop. Besides it, whenever you ride at this destination, you will have to give cheap costs that start from the range of $2.75 Dollar. Usually, espresso buses become expensive in comparison to the ordinary buses because they never stop at different destination and they only stop at a special destination.


On this destination, you can perform the different activities and they are really cheap. Hiking and surfing are two major activities and the cost is $10 to 28 Dollar. You will also receive the Museums on this destination and cost is 0.75 Dollar to 1.75 Dollar. Because of these amazing activities, this is so delightful to go for Nicaragua vacation on this destination.

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