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Dog Attack

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As per the research that was done by the CDC, it is found that every year in the US there are about 4.5 million dog bites. It is also found that among all these bites nearly one in every five bites becomes infected. As such, between 1999 to 2007 there were a total of 250 deaths in the US that occurred due to dog bites. According to Matthew Davies, it is very essential to know how to survive a dog attack so that you can heal quickly and avoid the worst-case scenario.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some effective tips on surviving a dog attack:

  1. Stay calm – First, you need to stay calm and stand still if any dog barks at you. It is generally seen that dog mainly charges when they are fearful or if the dog believes that charging could be its best defense. Dogs generally do not think to bite anyone and basically, they get highly aroused due to which they react aggressively. During such circumstances, if you try to scream or if you try to flail your arms, they become more aggressive. But if they do not get any reaction from your side as expected they will stop barking at you automatically.
  2. Do not stare at the dog – You should always avoid staring at the dog as staring can make the dog scared and in such a case, they can become more protective which can be dangerous for you. So, during such a moment you must keep your arms folded and do not try to run away from that situation.
  3. Avoid running away – You should always avoid running away from the dog when they chase you because running away from the dog means giving it a chance to chase you. Even if the dog is most playful and friendly, they may still like to chase someone if they give the wrong impression. During such a situation, the dog gets excited and wants to grab you in a way as if you were a toy or its prey. So, you should never trigger a chase response from a dog as it could be dangerous for you.
  4. Put something bulky between you and the dog – If you ever notice that there is a huge chance a dog will come to bite you, you should try to put a bulky object between you and the dog. For example, if you are carrying a backpack or a bulky purse, you can use it to prevent the dog from biting you when the dog attacks you. However, you should not try to hit the dog with the item you have because in such a case, the dog will become more aggressive and will try to bite you.

When you observe that the dog has calmed down a little you should go away and should not turn you back on the dog.


According to Matthew Davies, you should not try to provoke a dog unnecessarily if it is sleeping or not displaying aggression towards you. It’s always better to exercise caution as a responsible pet owner to reduce the chances of any harm. For further information on dog behavior and safety, Visit for more information on building a harmonious relationship.

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