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Matthew Davies Looks at Budget Gardening

udget Gardening

Building a beautiful garden doesn’t require a ton of money. With some dedication, effort, and proper planning, you can build a beautiful garden on your property. According to Matthew Davies, gardening on a budget can be more satisfying as it takes more work. Once you get the hang of all the process, you can become a better gardener as well.

The Ideas

Here are some ideas for budget gardening –

  1. Grow your plants from seeds – It is easier to grow a garden if you buy some seedlings from a garden store. However, buying seeds for the plants you want to grow can be much cheaper. Although growing a plant from a seed is more difficult, the process is fairly simple.
  2. Buy discounted plants – Many nurseries and big boxes offer discounts to promote their products. Thus, check all the stores near your area to see which of them offer horticultural

goodies at a discounted rate.

If you go to a retail store which sells plants, you may notice they put all the good-looking plants up at the front. If you go and ask them for discounted plants, they may give you plants which are in a little bad health at a much lower price. These plants can be restored back to life if you take care of them properly. It is a little risky but if you are on a tight budget and start your own garden quickly, it is not a bad idea.

  1. Use compost to nourish your seedlings or plants – Building a composting bin is a great idea. You can create compost by stuffing leftover food, fruit or vegetable peels, and other organic materials in the compost bin. Put some earthworms to speed up the process. After a few weeks, you can collect the compost use it to nourish your plants.

Compost is rich in nutrients and humus. So, it is easier to grow plants using compost. It can also save you the cost of fertilizers and pesticides. Plus, you don’t even need to water your plants as frequently as compost helps to hold water in the soil and prevents soil erosion as well.

  1. Try to source free gardening supplies – If your friends also have a garden, try to borrow their gardening supplies for a while. Many people throw away their old gardening supplies when they stop gardening or buy new supplies. You can join local gardening groups on Facebook and ask for the help of some senior members. Some of them may give you free items which they don’t need.

Another option is to look in the ‘free’ section of Craigslist. You can source many items from the ‘Free list’ section or get tools at bargain prices. Just be sure to check the tools before paying.

  1. Design your garden yourself – Hiring a professional garden designer can burn a hole in your pocket. It is much more budget-friendly to look at some garden design pictures on the internet for inspiration and design your garden yourself.


According to Matthew Davies, growing a beautiful garden will require hard-work and correct planning. It can also test the limits of your patience. The goal is to persevere and not give up midway.

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