Mark Roemer Shares Amazing Phone Functions You Had No Idea Existed

Amazing Phone Functions


Smartphones have become essential enough to be a part of us wherever we go. You may forget about your wallet before going out of your home, but the phone never gets left out. Mark Roemer believes that despite such widespread penetration of smartphone usage, few know the amazing hidden functions offered by their phone. A few key combinations from the dialer app can open new opportunities and expose new information for you. Most work on all phones, while the rest are exclusive to a few models.

The Functions

1.*#06# – IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique numeric code that identifies your smartphone. It is required when you lose your phone, or it gets stolen. It is printed in the box of your smartphone and usually has a length of 15 digits. Dial this code to instantly get your IMEI number.

2.#31# – This code is useful for those who are extremely privacy-conscious. Dial this code so that you can hide your number during outgoing calls.

3.*3370# – This code activated EFR or Enhanced Full Rate codec on your phone which increases the communication quality on your phone at the expense of battery life. But it isn’t an all-round hack. You may assume the call quality has improved overall due to the clearer sound output and high volume, but it doesn’t make your phone immune to call-drops. To deactivate this function, you need to dial in the same code again.

4.*#*#4636#*#* – This code is exclusive for Android users and doesn’t serve any purpose on iPhones. Dial-in this code to get detailed information about your battery, Wi-Fi signal, CPU usage, and more. You’ll get further options for each of those tabs. For instance, if you select the battery statistics, you can know about the temperature of your phone’s battery and its health. For Motorola users, this code even pops out a secret menu.

5.*#*#7780#*#* – You may have tried out all the previous codes as soon as you saw them but be cautious before dialing this one. It lets you instantaneously factory reset your Android smartphone. It means all the accounts are removed, installed apps are deleted and settings are reverted back to the original state. You can’t stop the reset in the middle, so dial it with good reason.

6.*43# – Call waiting is just another part of life for a few. The day starts with multiple people online and perhaps ends the same way. Dialing this code on your iPhone will turn on the feature. This means you would be alerted when a new number is calling during an ongoing call and you would be able to answer it instantly.

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Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier and these functions can help improve your user experience even further. Mark Roemer suggests that you make use of these amazing functions whenever it is necessary. Just use them responsibly so that you don’t suffer from any consequences.

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