How to Equip a Small Office at Home or at Work

Small Office

Downsizing has been a major focus for many businesses today simply to reduce overhead. For this reason, many businesses have begun using a remote or flex workforce. This significantly reduces the cost of operating their physical location. Sometimes labor is reduced as well, but the cost of electricity and other utilities will be the largest reduction. In fact, many businesses also look for smaller premises which would add to the savings as well. If you are tasked with equipping a small office at work or home, there are several things you can do to ensure that office space is well equipped, but on a smaller level.

Opt for a Small Form Factor PC

Itis amazing just how thin this new generation of computers can be. They take up such a little amount of space that you would hardly know they are there. For example, a Tiny ThinkCentre M Series from Lenovo can be upgraded for more memory and storage, if necessary, without going to a larger footprint. In fact, these tiny SFF PCs can literally fit on the monitor stand behind the monitor! How small is that? It can’t be said enough just how powerful these SFF computers really are, and you might be amazed to know that they can be faster and more reliable than those heavy, bulky towers you are used to.

Use Multifunction Office Equipment

There was a time when every office had a fax machine, a copier, scanner, and a printer but with today’s multifunction printers, there is only a need for one relatively small piece of equipment. The two most common types of multifunction printers are laser or inkjet,and both can print color or black and white. Most can fit comfortably on the side of the desk and out of the way of your workspace.

Forego Hard Copies Wherever Possible

Also, there really isn’t any reason to keep hard copies of files and signature pages in your office any longer. Many businesses now use a digital capture pad so that a signature can be kept on file. These are commonly used in hospitals and financial institutions where the image is saved to file. You are provided a stylus to sign your name in most cases but sometimes you are asked to use your index finger. Even when picking up medicine in pharmacies these days you no longer sign a hard copy piece of paper but rather use the method mentioned above.

You can always store any hard copies you are required to keep by law in a separate storage area so that you can downsize the office you are working in. Just remember to use as many multifunction devices as possible, go thin and powerful in a PC and eliminate literally everything that doesn’t serve a purpose. If you want a bit of décor, hang pictures so that you can keep all surfaces clear and devoid of clutter. Bear in mind that the fewer things you have in your office, the more economical it will be to run. Going small is much bigger than you think.

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