A Guide to Outdoor Event Planning in the UK

Outdoor Event

Despite the unpredictable weather in the British Isles, people still manage to organise outdoor events, and with a little help from the meteorology department, the rain can usually be avoided, and in the worst case scenario, there would be cover nearby. If you have been given the unenviable task of organising an outdoor event this summer, here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Essential Amenities – Wherever you find people, toilets can never be far away, and in the event there are none available, you can hire. If, for example, a company was holding a PR event in the North of England, there is affordable luxury toilet hire in Yorkshire from an established supplier. They would also have a range of VIP hospitality units, which would add some elegance to the proceedings. Your guests will no doubt be arriving in cars, so make sure you have more than enough parking space set aside, and signage from the main road is an absolute must.
  • Local Authority Approval – It isn’t possible to hold an outdoor event in the UK without the relevant permission, and if there is to be music, you might need special permission, which might be granted up to a certain hour, and if alcohol is to be consumed, that’s another thing altogether. It might be that the venue has the relevant permits and licences, but either way, make sure you have this covered, otherwise the event might have an abrupt ending.
  • Screening – Outdoor can mean windy conditions, and if the venue is very open, this could be a problem. Canvas windbreakers strategically placed will ensure your guests are protected, and rain can never be counted out with any outside event, so make alternative arrangements, should the worst happen and the heavens open.
  • The Program – This is the very heart of the event, and with all the logistics taken care of, you can now focus on the program. If you have an MC, he or she would be the person to help liaise, and make sure everyone knows what they are doing, and where they are in the schedule. Back-ups are essential, with music or video backed up, and it won’t hurt to have a spare laptop, in case the main machine has a malfunction.
  • Food and Beverage – This must be top notch, of course, and by hiring an established caterer, once you have chosen your menu, you can focus on other things. If you are using a venue that regularly hosts such events, they would have all of the above resources covered, which is why most people use their services.

Planning is the key to a successful outdoor event, and by considering all of the above, your gathering should be a hit and produce the desired outcome. By outsourcing everything, you can direct the operation using your smartphone, and with a few plan Bs up your sleeve, your outdoor event will surely hit the spot.

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