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7 Home Appliances One Can Rent For Their Home

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Are you planning to move house? Exciting! However, one part that is slightly a bummer is far from exciting expense! Whether you are moving into your 5th house or advancing into the independent adult life for the first time, there is an expense waiting for you right next to the decision of house hunt.

And if the other expenses weren’t enough, let us remind you that no house becomes a home until you finish it into a comfy zone. We are referring to the right furniture and appliances for your home. So, are we hinting at a heavy investment in home appliances? Not at all!

While all the other expenses are piling up, here’s a little sigh of relief. Instead of buying those appliances, we suggest that you rent them. Furniture and electronics are not a great investment, considering their market value starts depreciating right from the moment you buy them. Furthermore, with rentals, you get the flexibility of moving houses with lesser carry-ons.

Imagine having to move with all those purchased goods, and in the process, the fragile items may even get damaged beyond any scope of repair. However, with rented appliances, you can always pause or end the rental agreement with a notice period, and the rental company would take care of the appliances and their commute.

However, for the ease of living, it is recommended to choose a trusted rental company such that you get the best quality of products. So, while you are busy sorting out the right house for yourself, here is a comprehensive list of 7 must-have appliances you could rent for your home:

1) Fridges:

This is foremost on our list for a reason. You most certainly need a proper fridge for adequate food storage. However, you might end up spending a huge bomb if you set out to buy one. In Australia, the most basic fridges come at a cost of nothing less than $350. But, you could get the best of refrigerators at rentals starting at $4 per week, only at places like Renta Centre.

2) Washing Machine:

There’s no denying it that washing clothes would easily be the most neglected chore universally. Perhaps why, you would need a washing machine. An 8 Kg front load standard washing machine, with an energy rating of 4.5, would cost you approx. $2,599, if you chose to buy it. We know that’s a huge sum of money, so instead, you could consider renting a washing machine. Packages start at $4 per week!

3) Dryers:

You have to pair it with a washing machine rental, especially needed if you live in heavy precipitation or low sunlight receiving area. Plus, renting a dryer out is also affordable with prices starting at $7 per week.

4) Kitchen extras:

Is a house even compete without a proper kitchen apparatus? You would need a lot of utensils – a toaster, a kettle, pots, pans, crockery, etc. The list could go on and on, but the good news is that it could all be rented too at an affordable payment of $4 per week.

5) Dishwasher:

Let’s be real, no one likes to do the dishes. So, let a rented dishwasher help you with the dirty job. Rentals start at $4 only!

6) Laundry extras:

For those who like being dressed to perfection, a laundry kit is important, and now, you can also rent it at a modest price ranging from $5-$14 only.

7) Heaters:

This becomes essential if you live in a cold area, and otherwise too, a good heater could come in handy during the winter months in any part of the country. But why but, when you only use it for 2-3 months max.? Rents start at $10 per week!

We hope this article helped you understand the absolute requirements you may have for your new house and how it is easier to rent them instead of buying. Do let us know in the comments if you would like to make some additions to the list.

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