5 Reasons To Take A Caribbean Vacation

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If you are wondering where to take your vacation next year, consider visiting the Caribbean. With stunning scenery and unimaginable sunsets, the Caribbean Islands have something to suit everyone. There is more to the islands than that though, so here are five reasons to take a Caribbean vacation.

Number 1 – The People

The people are the one thing that most tourists comment on after visiting the islands. It does not matter which one you go to; the majority of residents are very friendly, welcoming and very laid back. It has been said that the two words they say the most is ‘no problem’, whenever you need something dealing with. Being surrounded by such relaxed people can help to make your holiday more relaxed. However, because they are so easy going, don’t let that fool you into thinking they don’t know how to party – because they do.

Number 2 – Accommodation And Eating

Accommodation in the Caribbean is of good quality without being overly expensive. Hotels and complexes cater for everyone’s tastes, as you can see on sites like The restaurants, of which there are many, have food ranges for all ages and because of the diversity, they are suitable for children and fussy eaters. Indulging in traditional Caribbean fare is a real treat, particularly if you like fresh fish or spicy rice. Caribbean food is a combination of different countries, including Europe. Africa, China, and India.

Number 3 – The Festivals

The Caribbean is famous for its colorful festivals and street parties, and they are a treat not to be missed. Most of them take place in the summer months, so visiting in the winter time is likely to mean you will not be involved in the carnivals and non-stop partying. Some of them are steeped in history and have religious origins. Others started much later, such as the Vincy Mas that was first held in 1976, and the Jamaica Independence Festival, which started in 1962.

Number 4 – The Beaches

Clear blue water and white sandy beaches that are never overcrowded are one of the biggest attractions to the Caribbean Islands. Most beaches have a bar for you to quench your thirst, often with music and snacks to make your beach days even more enjoyable. Relaxing in the sunset on a warm beach with a drink in your hand makes the perfect end to a beautiful day.

Number 5 – Huge Choice

The Caribbean Islands cover an area of 1.06 million square miles and have 13 sovereign states as well as 17 dependent territories. The main languages spoken across the hundreds of islands are English, Spanish, Dutch and French. With so many islands there is a huge choice of places to visit like Cuba, the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico to name just a few.

Many Other Reasons

There are far more reasons than this five to make your next vacation in the Caribbean. If you want a break from the fast and hectic pace of everyday life, then the Caribbean is where you should head for.

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