3 Reasons Why You Have Receding Gums

Receding Gums

Receding gums is a very common dental issue people face nowadays. Sometimes they themselves stay unaware about this condition as this condition is invisible and produces symptoms slowly. This involves high exposure of teeth to its roots. People with such issues of gums have the tendency to develop more oral problems. According to Dentists, Receding gums invite bacteria to damage teeth permanently. There are 3 key reasons that lead to such issues, such as

Not maintaining proper oral hygiene

Our teeth need care and maintenance like our other organs do. Not maintaining proper oral hygiene is the primary reason for periodontal disease. This periodontal disease is a serious condition that leads to gum recession by causing bacterial infection. Failure of getting a proper clean-up of teeth every month causes such problems. Also, people achieve good oral hygiene by washing teeth after having every meal. Failure of cultivating such well activities in daily routine is a major reason for such oral sensation.

Unhealthy Food habit

Eating excessive amounts of fast foods and chocolates can lead to such major conditions. Though there is gum recession treatment available in dental clinics but failure of maintaining a healthy food habit can cause such problems again in the future. According to Dental specialists, people who eat sweets in an over-excessive manner have more risk of developing such stubborn dental issues. Researchers have stated that consuming excessive amounts of tobacco is another primary reason for such dental problems.

Untreated Dental problems

There are a lot of dental problems that people ignore. Sometimes people report they are having an extraordinary sensation while having something cold or hot but they keep ignoring it by not taking it seriously. Issues like having gaps between teeth cause excessive levels of pain but instead of taking some serious actions like having dental care people choose to take pain killers. Pain killers may give instant relief from the irritation but it never treats the problem from its roots. There are highly advanced dental treatments available nowadays but most people are not aware about such treatments. This causes serious dental issues to remain untreated which leads to more serious problems like gum recession.

The above described causes are assumed to be primary reasons behind your problem of gum recession. But there are other issues like having diabetes, hormonal dysfunctions and heredity can cause such problems in people directly or indirectly.

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